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Letter Testimonials - Andrea S.

Pauline is pictured here with Ruth Fengya!

September 2013

Dear Mr. Gross and Mr. Benedek,

I would just like to express my gratefulness to your wonderful staff and especially to Ruth Fengya.

My relative Pauline Miller was placed in your care a few months ago. She was miserable when she arrived, and talked about nothing except getting out of there and going home. She was not very happy.

Now a few months later, she says there is no other place she would want to be on earth! This is thanks to your dedicated staff and the friends she has made. She is no longer lonely sitting in her apartment.

Ruth has warmed a special place in her heart. And I am so pleased with the way she cares for Pauline and caters to all of her needs. I have never seen such dedication from one woman. She truly deeply cares for the people in Regency and treats them all like they are part of her family.

I also had the opportunity of having lunch at your Regency two times, and the food was fabulous.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of my Aunt. I can go home and feel at ease that she is in such good hands.

Hope to see you soon.

Andrea Swiontkowski

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